Jussi Ccoyllo


With only 7 months of training I realized several individual and team coding projects. Here are some of them...


Team project in Vue-PHP

Movies Hello

App in React Native

La Petite Ecole

Team Project in Wordpress

La Moelle

Team project in React-Material UI


Website in Wordpress

Zero Talent

Components in Vue

Restaurant Misky

Website in Bootstrap


Team project in HTML5, SASS, JS

Tim Berners-Lee

Training in HTML5, CCS3

Star Wars

Training in HTML5, CSS3, JS

Page 404

Training in HTML5, CSS3

About Me

Passionate about IT for several years, I followed the WebDevelopment training at BeCode. This training allowed me to improve my technical and relational skills in this field.
Through Becode's self-training methodology and many professionalizing projects, I have improved the ability for teamwork, solve problems, manage time and have a high level of stress resistance.
My proactivity and curiosity to learn motivate me to be more and more efficient on a daily basis.
See my coding evolution in only 7 months at BeCode.

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  • The Watch

    The Watch is a several short talks about a technical or not technical subject. Everyone had to prepare one per month and present it to the class.
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